This course aims to introduce your organization into the world of ISO9001, a quality management system which is in place in many businesses and organizations of all sizes and types globally. ISO9001 provides a framework to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of quality in products and services, and efficiency.

The main benefits of attaining ISO9001 accreditation for your organization can be demonstrated by The 7 Principles of Quality Management:

1.      Customer focus

2.     Leadership

3.     Engagement of people

4.     Process approach

5.     Improvement

6.     Evidence-based decision making

7.      Relationship management

Learning outcome 1

Know and understand the requirements of ISO9001.

Learning outcome 2

Understand the benefits of attaining ISO9001.

Learning outcome 3

Understand how to get started on the journey to achieving ISO9001.

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